Welcome! Amida USA is a religious non-profit group (501c3 status) based in Hawai’i created to further the spread the practice of
Amida-shu Pureland Buddhism in the USA. The Amida-shu and the Amida Order are under the guidance of Dharmavidya David Brazier, the Spiritual Head of the Amida Order.

If you wish to give dana (donation)…please use the paypal button “donate” button below. All monies will be used to support the Dharma activities of Amida USA.

We invite you to look through our website and learn more about the Buddha's message of love and compassion for all. It is our hope that by studying his message,
you will come to find a path of peace for your life and for the benefit of all beings. I am Reverend Shantikara an Ordained Priest in the Amida Order and the President of Amida USA Board of Directors.

Amida-Shu (Amida School)
The Amida-shu is a religious community following the Pureland form of Buddhism. Members join by invitation and make a religious commitment. This usually entails taking the Fivefold Refuges....taking refuge in the Three Jewels plus taking refuge in Amida Buddha and Amida’s Pure Land.

Amida Order
The Amida Order is a religious fellowship within the Amida-shu. Membership is by invitation. Broadly speaking, members of the Order are either those who have been members of Amida-shu for a long period of time or who carry some special responsibility within the Shu. The Order has both ordained and non-ordained members. All ordained members of Amida-shu are members of the Order.

Amida Kai
The Amida-kai is an association for anybody who supports the aims and activities of the Amida-shu & Amida Order.

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Namo Amida Bu!